15 septembre 2011

Scott & Grems

"Scott brings art to its bicycles with one of today’s most influential and exciting young French artists, designers and musicians, known as GREMS. He is a multifaceted man with many preferences, who puts his own character into every masterpiece. With hand-drawn signs and lettering as well as bold graphics and graffiti, he convinces artists and turns public space into open air artwork. Nothing is to be expected from his paintings, drawings and designs. GREMS’ latest rise to a challenge was for the SCOTT urban bike collection 2012,... [Lire la suite]
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14 octobre 2010

Walz Caps

http://www.walzcaps.com Walz Caps fabrique de véritables casquettes de cycliste, à trois ou quatre pièces de tissus, en coton, laine ou matière anti-transpirante, avec des inscriptions personnalisées. Made in USA.
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